CIA Model of Pressure Reduction

A proclaiming that you might have perhaps heard a lot operational, in sports, and human performance in general is managing the controllable. What does that truly mean? I wanted to look at this concept of managing the controllable, that is actually really good advice mind you, and take it out of the arena of as being a cliché and in the an entire world of something that we can easily actually do.
In our workshops we'll use something known as the CIA Model to assist students gain understanding of this concept and reduce stress in their lives. It's pretty obvious to see this model so here's the short form.
CIA is short for Control Influence Accept. All from the circumstances and situations that we find ourselves in will get into one of these three categories. I am going to discuss them backwards order.
There is an enormous quantity of things in our world that individuals must accept. Weather, traffic patterns, scores and connection between games that people're not actually playing in. One with the best things we can do for own comfort is that when there's something that we need to accept, is really just to accept it not waste any injury trying to change it.
The second category are things that we influence. The two big items that belong to this are the immediate environment, your car or truck, work, your own home, and others which you cope with. Listen, we don't have control over our kids, our colleagues, etc, but we do have influence over them, and one in the best items that that can be done on your own growth is in circumstances in which you have influence to actually exercise that influence will dramatically improve your self-esteem.
Now we come to the category of things we can easily control. We're here to talk about managing the controllable. Well, guess what happens, folks? I've found there's really only 1 thing one of many things that people can control. It's your decisions.
That's right, your decisions about your life include the only thing that individuals have direct control over. When you realize this, it becomes form of confronting and sort of liberating all concurrently. What do you do with this information, that this only thing that I have control over will be the decisions that I make?
Stop trying to control things that you don't have any control over. Amazing to me how much energy people waste wanting to control issues that they maybe have influence over, in many cases should just accept. I'll also claim that with regards to things that you have zero influence over, I wouldn't spend much time talking or complaining about them. It's simply a drain in your energy. Are you catching yourself looking to control issues that you really should just accept? Notice that, and I would change your mind on that.
When you realize the only thing you have total control over can be your decisions, assume responsibilty for your decision-making process. I'm not saying to blame yourself when things prove poorly. I am saying it will require responsibility to the decision that you make. That's when you start governing the controllables and seeing the outcomes which you really are interested in.
I don't play a whole lot of poker, but one thing that I be familiar click here with is winning at cards, specifically poker, carries a touch regarding them which you are dealt, and it includes a huge amount regarding the method that you make decisions and play them that you simply're dealt. Same thing goes for your life. Life truly is 10 % how are you affected to us and 90 percent the method that you react.
I hope which you have enjoyed researching manipulating the controllables.
Be Free!
Roger Seip

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